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About Weifu
Automatic Door motion sensors
Microwave Automatic Door Sensor
Infrared Automatic Door Sensor
Ultrasonic Automatic Door Sensor
Loop Detectors
Automatic Door Safety Beams
  Automatic Door Safety Beams
Gate Safety Beam Sensors
Door Switches
  Push Button Switches
Program Switches
Remote Control Switches
Contactless Switches
Multi-Access Controller
Automatic Door Accessories
  Timer and Counter
Door Bell
Univeral Remote Control Receiver and Transmitter
Door Hardware Parts
OEM/ODM Service
Person counter
Automatic Door Sensor Application
For Vending Machine System
Multi-Coin Coin acceptors
GLOBAL-145 Coin Acceptor
GLOBAL-315 Coin Acceptor
GLOBAL-500 Coin Acceptor
EU1 Multi-Coin Coin Acceptor
EU2 Multi-Coin Acceptor
HI-09 Multi-Coin Acceptor
Electronics Coin acceptors
  Single Coin Type Coin Acceptor
Comparable Type Coin Acceptor
ITL Bill acceptor
Vending Machine Spare parts System
  Control Board for Vending machine
Coin Operated Water Vending Machine
Coin Operated Kiosk Computer
Coin Control Box For Vending Machine
GSM Controller For Vending Machine
Gsm Vending management System
Other Available Products
Technical bulletin
  GSM Controller
GSM-VEND Units for Vending machine management
GSM-KEY For automactic Door opener
GSM Power strip
GSM Voice Monitoring Units
  GSM Remote Control Board
GSM Project Show Room
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