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WiFi232-RELAY5mcu remote controller , Five channel relay output

Humidity and Temperature Sensor input

Product Features:

1. Wi-Fi interface, network control via wifi connection
2. Ethernet interface, control via common network cable
3. Five high-current relay output, Humidity and Temperature sensor input
4. The unique AP + STA operating mode, can be added to the ordinary router itself still as AP.
This feature allows the module is added to the ordinary router go even outside the network at the same time,
5. unique dual TCP link control, corresponding to the characteristics of the previous one,
6. Provide details of the module, application routines can be customized for the user application (IOS, Andriod may be).


Humidity and Temperature Sensor:

Apple control software for WiFi-Relay:

Android softwware for wifi232-RELAY remote control board

Iphone software for wifi232-RELAY remote control board iphone itunes link