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GSM-TOG GSM Remote Control and alarm box( Three big power Relay Control )

  • Three alarm input port
  • Three 30A big power relay output
  • Wide power voltage input
  • On board backup battery for power off alarm support

GSM-TOG GSM controller for industrial remote controller

  • QUAD band designed for the world market
  • Three alarm input port
  • Three 30A big power relay output
  • Battery operated for power off alarm
  • USB program interface on board
  • Huobei intelligent design
  • Rain proof box design
  • Dimension Size:220mm*160mm*60mm (including the connnector)

Power supply:

  1. DC9-36V (This is for normal order if no special requirement)
  2. DC18-72V (Optional)
  3. AC100V-240V (Optional)

Very Smart designed with:

1. Security control or free control selection
2. SMS cost save mode,that you can use the SMS to control ,but no SMS reply
3. Device status change alarm report SMS to the specified phone number
4. Three alarm input .very easy to setup and very easy to use
4. Battery for power failure alarm

Mnaual of GSM-TOG(Power supply : AC100-240V / DC9-36V / DC18-72V)


USB Driver for CP2102 adapter (For GSM-TOG)

Order the samples directly from http://www.wafer-shopping.com :

Inside box pictures:

Safety designed rain proof ABS plastic box
Can be locked with the safety key lock
No screw designed controller box
Very good and strong designed circuit board

GSM-TOG GSM controller package box

We also have the AC100-240V power input version